Neta Bicuixe

Neta Bicuixe

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This 400 liter batch (BCXCAN-1804) of NETA Bicuixe from Maestro Mezcalero Candido Garcia Cruz is an expression of the natural elements of the region, the flavors of the plant, and the nuances imparted by its mezcalero and palenque.

He never deviates from the practice of harvesting around the days of a full moon - when the plants’ sugars are most concentrated in the piña - and uses only fully ripened agave harvested from reddish and rocky cascajudo colorado parcels, with another 100 or so plants coming from a separate red and black gravelly land, located roughly 1,450 meters above sea level.

Harvest began in the first days of March 2018 and the slow roasting with mesquite wood for eight days nearly two weeks later.

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