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Colas de Sardinas a la Brasa (Grilled Sardine Tails)

Colas de Sardinas a la Brasa (Grilled Sardine Tails)

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Take a trip to Asturias, Spain where Chef Alvarez hones his passion for tinned fish. His restaurant, Gueyu Mar is a staple, but during the off-season is where things get crazy! The grill is constantly on, and the tins are being made. These are some of the finest, best-tinned fish you will ever get your hands on. 

"Colas de Sardinas a la Brasa" - Sardine tails from Asturias and Rias Baixas depending on the season. They are roasted with oak wood and kept in extra virgin olive oil Arberquino de Castillo de Canena, a high quality and smooth oil that does not detract from the sardine.

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