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In the Raw: Stories of Wine and Song


Casa's In The Raw offers a podcast that follows the journey of different wine makers and song writers, unified by an inspirational theme.

To join us on this Spotify journey, we will send you three unique wines that we will explore. In collaboration with our dear friends, the talented musicians of Lady & West, we pair each wine with a collection of songs.

 We hope that this creates a welcome escape and source of inspiration. Most of all, our goal is to simply create and experience that you enjoy. So lean back, amuse your ears, and awaken your taste buds with our Stories of Wine and Song

Always with cheer,
x Tamy


Episode #1:

During these hard times, Tamy takes you on a trip of resilience. Learn to navigate the upside down through these wines that will inspire you.

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Listen to the first episode here.

Episode #2:
Powerful Female Voices

Exploring powerful female voices in the wine world through music.

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Check out the second episode here.

Episode #3:
Uncharted Territories

Stories of music and stories of songs. Let's explore the uncharted territories of the mind, of the place and of the spirit and celebrate those who have gone there, out of gut instinct or out of pure bravery.

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Listen to Episode #3 here