Tamy's Wine Club

For 2 years she has been trying hard to create a wine club where people would get a glimpse of the amazing and complex world of natural wines. One of the few bright sides of COVID-19 has been that it gave Tamy the opportunity to create the club she was dreaming about.
Join her along with musicians Lady & West from Austin, TX on this amazing journey where wine is poured, a story is told and music is paired. 
This is Tamy's Wine Club.
Episode #1:

During these hard times, Tamy takes you on a trip of resilience. Learn to navigate the upside down through these wines that will inspire you.

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Episode #2:
Powerful Female Voices

Exploring powerful female voices in the wine world through music.

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Check out the second episode here.

Episode #3:
Uncharted Territories

Stories of music and stories of songs. Let's explore the uncharted territories of the mind, of the place and of the spirit and celebrate those who have gone there, out of gut instinct or out of pure bravery.

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Listen to Episode #3 here